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Why Search Ranking Matters

RECENT MARKETING TESTIMONIAL: Nicole of Startup Production is a great locally owned female business with years of quality service. I had previously been using a very large out of state company and was spending over $1000 a month. Then I found Nicole who has helped me in so many ways and her pricing has saved me thousands. She is always available by phone or email and very willing to help. I would highly recommend her company if your looking for a great online presence that doesn’t break the bank.” – Paulette Collins (Five Star Google Review)

Internet Marketing Analysis & Proposal Report (IMAP)

How our IMAP Report can Help Cut Costs & Improve Reach

“The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Startup Production offers an I.M.A.P. Report, which is our Internet Marketing Analytics & Proposal Report. It not only researches and analyzes your past marketing efforts and your current standing of your online presence, but also forecasts which and how future efforts can be implemented to improve leads and conversions (which equate to sales).

The more you know, the less you will be led astray into chasing your tail when it comes to marketing. Know the direction, have a plan and an experienced guide to implement that plan whenever you start a journey.  When it comes to marketing in any economy, it’s essential to have a good grasp on the tone and voice of your brand, the key benefits of your products and services, your clearly defined target audience and targeted keywords, your current/ past website and social media analytics, your ad campaign results, your KPI (key performance indicators) or your current most profitable channels, and which channels are yet untapped or underserved. How can you research, measure and analyze all of the above to determine ROI?

FAQs about IMAP

Internet Marketing Analysis & Proposal report

If you have the knowledge, then you have the power, as they say.  By understanding what you’ve done right, what you need to improve and what new channels you need to implement, you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.  You also gain the insight and ability for you and your staff on how to do it yourself. By training our customers on how to implement SEO, run ads, create content, promote their brand, we give them the know-how and freedom to do it themselves, thus reducing costs of outside third parties.

Many marketing firms, especially some of the national chains, keep very close to the vest what they are charging their clients thousands of dollars a month for. I’ve seen their invoices/reports, with their vague descriptions of “SEO work” or “Content Marketing” or “Geolocation Optimization”, which means little unless you are telling the customer exactly what you are doing to put those in place. For example, if a mechanic put “Fix Car” on your invoice and charged you $3,000, I’m sure you’d ask for a detailed description of the parts and labor that were used as well as what exact issue they were fixing. I’m not sure why business owners don’t ask the same of their digital marketing firms.

Since we take the guesswork out of it, we make it simple, so simple that we can teach you how to do it yourself, if you have the time or the manpower to get it done.  And we provide ongoing assistance if you need some hand-holding for the first three to six-months or longer.  We are here as much or as little as you need, with no pressure sales.  And for those who choose not to do their marketing in-house, we offer an array of affordable monthly internet marketing services. Our invoices disclose exactly what we are doing to incur a charge, but we also provide periodic analytics reports to show ROI, and regular communication with our clients to make needed adjustments going forward. Our goal is a partnership, a meeting of the minds when it comes to your marketing, thus we include our customers as much as they want to be in deciding content topics, frequency and ad budgets.

We have no set packages so all our marketing plans are customized to our clients’ needs and built to their specifications and the researched recommendations from the IMAP report. Together after a full discussion of the report’s finding, we will develop a customized plan, with honest feedback to help you decide on what is practical, what is needed and what is overkill. And there are no set timed contracts, meaning all of our marketing plans are month to month, so you are not bound to any specific 6-month, yearly or longer commitments.

When it comes to our IMAP Reports, at the second meeting, we determine how much time and/or resources you have to invest in your monthly marketing strategy, and we create a weekly and monthly plan that fits your needs. We determine how to best use your limited time to best serve your marketing goals. If you have a limited budget, we help determine if your budget allocation is currently providing equitable ROI, and how best to use allocate those funds to channels that are performing better with your target audience.

We create various hybrid plans with our customers.  Many of our customers do feel comfortable with various aspects of their marketing channels, but need help with others. We will help manage the efforts they don’t want to or don’t have time for; a prime example is writing conte.  It goes without saying many business owners struggle to allocate time needed to write good, effective and SEO-friendly content. And many just do not enjoy the process of writing content.

Startup Production has been writing content for customers of various industries for more than 10 years, including medical, service-based, industrial, financial, entertainment, hospitality and non-profit sectors. We enjoy writing and we love to implement your brand’s voice and skillsets into content that will have residual and long-term SEO benefits. Nothing has a longer and more measurable impact that content marketing. We believe it because we’ve seen it time and again.

Contact Startup Production by email, phone or website form. Contact me to set up that first FREE meeting to go over your goals, wants and needs.  Our staff will set up a meeting with myself to discuss your needs and concerns, and how to proceed to the next step.

Internet Marketing Analytics & Proposal Report (IMAP)

Reports include:  Analysis, Consulting & Strategy Development

Not sure where to start or what exactly you need to do?  We also offer Internet Marketing Consulting for those clients who need help developing a strategy but want to manage their marketing plan themselves with a professional marketing guide.

  1. Initial Meeting to decipher need & current goals.  (Free)
  2. Exploration Meeting where we discuss current and past efforts made and their results, demographics of their target audience, the story behind their brand, their products and services, the benefits they provide over competitors, their goals, objectives and call-to-actions, and how their content is fulfilling user intent. (Prior to this meeting, I provide a customized document with 50-100 questions that we will discuss and is particular to their industry that helps the client prepare for the meeting).
  3. Analysis of current internet marketing strategies, insights and analytics (website, social media, blog, other advertising efforts).
  4. Research on industry specific marketing, targeted keywords, user intent and target audience.
  5. Create marketing proposal & plan of action based on above information and research. This will be a comprehensive document of 10-20 pages that will include analysis and critiques of current footprint, recommendations, suggested improvements, and ideas for topics for content marketing.
  6. Develop Action Plan with the set number of hours client has agreed to spend on their monthly marketing and how to specifically use that budget of their time throughout the month.
  7. First training session to review and discuss initial proposal, share recommendations and marketing plan of action.
  8. Second Training session 12 weeks later for analysis and adjustments.

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