We were contacted by the partners (Peydon and BJ) of CP Builders after they saw the new Hager Cabinets website, and were referred by the Hager team. Their two-year-old residential construction company did not have a website yet, so in addition to website design, they desperately need to build their online presence, show their growing portfolio of homes as well as their unique way of building homes. They wanted a website to reach their local market, engage their new homeowners, and tell their story. We also helped them with writing and organizing the entire website’s content, we upgraded their logo and optimized their website (with organic SEO).

CP Builders of Central Kentucky, started in 2018, provided trusted construction high quality homes. Partners, BJ Chambers and Peydon Pelphrey have 35+ years of combined experience in residential construction. They are on the job from start to finish, with handpicked contractors, overseeing all aspects of the building process, from footer to final inspection.

  • Client

    CP Builders of Central KY | Richmond KY

  • Manager

    BJ Chambers & Peydon Pelphrey