Everything CPAP, with their director, LJ Overall, was referred to Startup Production by another national medical industry client that we have been working with for the past four years.  They came to us with a site that needed extensive overall, redesign, improved navigation and improved customer experience. Our goals were to improve the quality and quantity of content to improve SEO ranking, showcase their full line of CPAP products, equipment, accessories and supplies, as well as their focus on patient service, not just to sell products but to train, support and maintain their customers’ sleep regimen and hygiene. We improved the design of their catalog of products, improved navigation, improved patient experience to register, reorder supplies, pay their bill, and peruse helpful patient information.

Everything CPAP is Idaho’s number one CPAP supply company, located in Boise ID and service the entire Treasure Valley area. At Everything CPAP, the understand how serious of a problem untreated sleep apnea can be for your health by providing CPAP equipment & supplies, fittings & training, and on-going support. It is their goal to make sure they do everything they can to help their patients have a great experience from the first time they come in and every time after for years to come.