I started working with FPL Door Locks on their new website, new branding and new functionality in March 2017 and completed all requests in their initial estimate over a year later (after several staff-related delays), but the company was still not ready to go live and wanted to continue working on adding and photographing their large catalog of inventory, as well as adding additional functionality, before they went live. After several training sessions, I was able to instruct their staff to complete the loading of inventory and tweaking the content of their site, saving them time and money in this large project. I’m glad to say that at Startup Production, we are flexible to work with clients who have set deadlines or for those who want to take their time in developing their site, even over several years. We can customize the process of development for each client according to the client’s needs, and with over 20 years’ experience we know when it’s time to hand the project over to the staff for their financial saving and added sense of control and micromanaging.  I’m glad to see their site went live earlier this year.