With three locations in two cities, a multitude of products and services, a large team of professionals, their business had outgrown their former websites. I worked with the former Hager team in 2011, when they wanted separate websites and separate branding for each of their locations. The staff quickly realized it was causing confusion for their audience, as well as extra work to maintain three sites, so they wanted to consolidate their websites into one cohesive and much more informative website that fully explained their services, the expertise of their staff, and list and describe the large list of brands they carry for their inventory of cabinets, flooring, doors, windows, appliances, and building supplies. Working closely with Linda, who was responsive in answering questions, providing content, pictures and feedback to keep the project moving on a timely fashion. The new website, as well as a content marketing strategy implemented by Startup Production, will be an asset to this growing business in Lexington KY and Richmond KY.