I was honored when Rose Rex, a long-time dear friend who I highly respect as a honorable, strong and independent business woman, came to me to design her new business’ website. She wanted a simple message, that did not limit her location, as her clients are located all over the Eastern US. She did not want a lot of content/pages, so mostly this is a one-page website (besides her blog and contact page) that showcases her experience, her skillsets, her services and what she brings to the table. She also already had a list of positive feedback from clients and colleagues to add to her credibility.  As most of my clients experience writers block when it comes to their website, I offer writing services to my clients which entails an interview (in person or over the phone) where I ask questions, make note of their answers and then formulate content based on those answers.  Rose and I already had such a natural and comfortable professional and personal relationship, this came easy for both of us, and I think the content accurately told her story.