Basham Real Estate | Lexington KY

Susie Basham, realtor located in Lexington KY,  who is part of The Agency Real Estate Experts team, wanted an individual website so she could reach her target audience in the Central KY area,

Big J Painting, LLC | Lexington KY

No job is too big or too small for Startup Production, so we enjoyed working with this small business who was working hard to promote themselves. What was missing was a professional website that was SEO friendly,

Hager Cabinets | Richmond & Lexington KY

With three locations in two cities, a multitude of products and services, a large team of professionals, their business had outgrown their former websites. They came to Startup Production, after being disappointed by the unresponsiveness of local competitors for a website redesign.

Apex Tech Solutions | Florence KY

After more than ten years, this small business was in desperate need of a website redesign, as their services has changed, their branding and the processes they use had all been updated.

Rose Rex & Associates | Madison County KY

This new business needed a brand (established by a logo design) that showed the end result of the owners small business consulting services … an increase in profitability and an uptick in success, with the colors of the Bluegrass.

Rose Rex & Associates | Lexington KY

I was honored when Rose Rex, a long-time dear friend who I highly respect as a honorable, strong and independent business woman, came to me to design her new business’ website. She wanted a simple message,

Four Sisters of Richmond KY

A modified logo design for Four Sisters of Richmond which offers a tea shop, cafe of delicious breakfast and lunch items, goatmilk lotions, bath salts, soaps, and so much more.

Visium HealthLink, LLC | Lexington KY

Their new website captures their company branding, their mission and the needed functionality for their clients, as well as optimization needed for a new domain and new web presence.  

Strong Insurance Agency, LLC | Lexington KY

Startup Production started working with Strong Insurance in 2011, but their website was in need of an update for current search protocols, responsiveness for mobile & newer SEO optimization standards

FPL Door Locks & Hardware | Mt. Vernon KY

I started working with FPL Door Locks on their new website, new branding and new functionality in March 2017 and completed all requests in their initial estimate over a year later (after several staff-related delays)

Herb Geddes Fencing | Nicholasville KY

Over the 50+ years in business, they have used more than a dozen different logos causing inconsistent branding and hence, confusion when it came to signage, truck overlays, digital media and print ads, so they hired Startup Production for logo design.