Meineke Autocare | Richmond KY

Keith Alley purchased the Meineke of Richmond KY in February 2018, renovated the entire building, offices, lobby and garage, and reopened the Meineke Car Center in April 2018. 

HD Fleet Services | Atlanta GA

As a recommended vendor for Fleet Services, Curtis reached out to us with his logo and branding needs for his new franchise in the Atlanta area.

B&H Toolworks | Richmond KY

B&H Toolworks design, build & repair Progressive Dies, they are a manufacturer of Special Tooling, Laser Cutting Services & Rapid Prototyping, and Reverse Engineering.

City of Richmond | Richmond KY

After numerous complaints on the look & navigation of their current site, Tracy of the City of Richmond was referred to Startup …..

Byer Builders | Lexington KY

Jon Byer came to Startup Production after several referrals to redesign and rebrand his website. With a new logo and ….