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Why does my business need an engaging Social Media presence?

Social media has become a popular marketing platform because it’s:

How will I benefit from professional Social Media Management / Marketing?

Social Media, like any other marketing campaign, requires advance planning, strategy, research and on-going analysis. Consistency is the key to success. We realize most small business owners are already inundated with the daily tasks of running their business so don’t have the time required for a truly successful social media presence.

Although social media is much more affordable than traditional marketing outlets, it takes a lot of time. If you don’t have the time to do it right, let Startup Production manage your social media presence.

What is included in our Social Media Packages?

Small Business Owners in general do not have much free time, in fact, they’re usually wearing many hats throughout the day. Many do not have time to post consistent, well thought content on the various social media platforms needed to reach multiple target audiences.  Yet having an effective, consistent and quality social media strategy is a must these days and can give your business a cutting edge when promoting your brand, directing traffic to your site, announcing events & sales, and connecting with your customers.


We can customize affordable packages based on (1) the desired frequency per week, (2) which social media platforms you want us to manage, and (3) how many consecutive months you are signing up for.   If you’d like a FREE estimate, email me or if you have questions: Nicole@startupproduction.com.  If you need help deciding which social media platforms your particular company would benefit from, we can discuss this at your FREE initial consultation.