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Content is King

A Professional Website is so much more than a collection of pages....

We build websites that increase traffic and help convert those visitors into customers.

What is content marketing?

It is the process of promoting your brand, your services and your products without the sales pitch. It’s about creating interest and brand awareness by writing content that not only people want to read but they will search for.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” – Content Marketing Institute

“Content is King” as they say, and this is even more pertinent when it comes to your website content.  Good content will engage your customers, attract search traffic and help build your business.  Many business owners today are inundated with the daily operation of their company so don’t have the time or desire to write their own content.  Startup Production is here to help!

Content Marketing Q&A

“65% marketers find it a challenge to produce engaging content. 62% don’t know how to measure the ROI of their campaigns. And 60% say they can’t produce content consistently.”  – Optinmonster.com

So, you’re not alone if you feel content marketing is an obstacle that you’re not sure you want to take on. We can help motivate, train or manage.

In 2018, bloggers spent an average of 3.5 hours writing a post. The only way for bloggers to differentiate themselves is by putting in more sheer effort, both through increasing the quality of their blogs and the length of their posts.” – Orbit Media

Content marketing is an investment of time and creativity, which many business owners are not willing to give. In those cases, it may be advisable to hire a content creator.

“Quality content is the key factor in any good SEO strategy. Improvements in content have been known to increase blog traffic by as much as 2,000%” – Search Engine People

For content to have an impact, it must be engaging, related to your industry, original and added to your website consistently each week, each month and throughout the year. Duplicated or scrapped content will be penalized by Google.

“Average length of top ranking pag es on Google is 1,890 words.” – Backlinko

The caution is: focusing on word count does not encourage quality writing. So write your full story with definitions, the pros and cons, the dilemmas surrounding the topic, solutions and benefits, case studies, statistics, and answers to frequently asked questions. With a well-defined outline, it will not be a challenge to reach an optimal 1200 to 1800 words.

We don’t write generic content and we don’t reuse or resell written content to multiple clients. After meeting with our client, we determine suggested topics and write content that is very specific to their brand, their personality, their way of doing business, and their audience. A first draft of the content is then sent to the client for approval, edited and only published once client approval is achieved. We do the heavy lifting of producing content but we work for you and with you to ensure the content is tailored to your brand and your target audience.

Why is Content Imperative for your Internet Marketing’s Success?

“Traditional Marketing talks at people. Content Marketing talks with them.”


“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.” (DemandMetric)

Content that is keyword-rich helps match up search engine queries (and users) to your website, blog and social media. Using the right keywords for your targeted audience, without impairing the integrity or the readability of each page’s content take skill and experience.



“72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic.”

Consistent content writing (through a blog or news feed) pings the search engines each time new content is published, which increases your page ranking and site traffic. Why?  “Websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.” Everytime you publish new content or update existing content, you ping the search engines to increase indexed pages and improve overall ranking.

*Indexed pages are the pages of a website that a search engine has visited, analyzed and added to its database of web pages.



“Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.” – CMI

Well written content engages the user and motivates readers to your specific call-to-action, and hopefully conversion. A well content marketing plan will increase trust and credibility in your brand as you promote your expertise via your content.  Trust & credibility are the top to reasons that motivate users to convert to customers.



“Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts.”

Content Marketing is the process of selling without direct traditional marketing processes by educating, entertaining or informing your audience free of the typical sales pitch. It’s affordable, has long-term residual effects, and will continually attract new traffic.  Your efforts should be consistent, your content needs to be unique, and your writing style should be engaging.  “Good Content is not just storytelling, it’s telling your story well.”

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“77% of internet users read blogs.”

Regularly writing new content on your website also gives your users a reason to return to your site again and again, as well as share new content with their friends. Writing content is all about being consistent, compelling and concise.  The quality of your writing is essential to your success, so write content for humans, not search engine spiders. Thinking of your audience when you choose topics, writing style, research and visuals.

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“58% of marketers said ‘original written content’ is the most important type of content, outdoing visuals and videos.” (Social Media Examiner)

Content marketing takes on many forms via blogs, webinars, infographics, vlogs, photography, social media, newsletters, newsfeeds, cartoons and online manuals. It appeals to a greater audience, including millennials, who are inundated and exhausted with commercialized media.

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Our Content Writing Services

“Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.”

Call or email today for a free estimate.  Estimate will include a one-hour interview with client and there will be on-going communication as needed.  All content will be fully reviewed and pre-approved by the site owner before its published.

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We are consistently working with clients and providing optimized content for:

  • Content for website pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social Media posts
  • Product Descriptions for E-commerce Store Catalog
  • Calendar of Event listings
  • Weekly Featured Items
  • Menu Items and Specials
  • Real Estate Listings for residential, commercial, lots and acreage
  • Rentals & Housing Listings
  • Project Portfolios (completed projects, before & afters)
  • Product Announcements
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Print Ads & Digital Ad Content
  • Fliers, Brochures & Booklets
  • Email Newsletters
  • Team & Staff Bios

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