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Why Search Ranking Matters

A professional website is just the beginning ….

Once you have a professional website, you now need to create an Internet Marketing Strategy to get your site seen!

Internet & Digital Media Marketing involves driving traffic, inspiring engagement, increasing leads and conversions through various digital media channels.

Once your professionally designed website is live, the real work begins. There are various onsite and offsite marketing efforts that are essential in building page ranking for your targeted search terms.  We educate, consult and advise our clients to implement according to their schedule, budget and resources.

“In a survey conducted by Databox, 70% of respondents said that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales.” – Hubspot

Why is an SEO strategy essential for any business? The competition is much fiercer than it was even a few years ago with nearly 2 billion websites in early 2020. With more websites in your industry, many brands are fighting for the top slots of the same or similar keywords on search engines, because they know that SEO leads are more engaged and often much easier to convert.

“SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7 percent close .” – Search Engine Journal


What is Digital Marketing and/or Internet Marketing?  Digital marketing, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet, where business utilize all digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customer. It’s the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. Strategies included in this process are SEO, Social Media, Social Ads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, and SEM or PPC Ads.

What makes our Internet Marketing Management plans different from our competitors?   We set ourselves from our competitors by being focused on customer needs by offering choices when it comes to their marketing plans. Some choices include:

  • WHO will implement recommended marketing strategies. It doesn’t have to be our company’s team to implement your marketing management, we will teach you and your staff if that is more cost effective for you. If you do choose us to manage your monthly marketing, you will see our prices are very competitive and very reasonable, in comparison.
  • WHAT process they feel comfortable with.  We will provide an array of suggestions with internet marketing strategies within the scope of your website, your social media, your email marketing, your content marketing, and your engagement with your target audience. You can choose which you’d like to implement and customize your plan accordingly. We will develop a plan that can be implemented on daily, weekly and monthly basis according to your budget or how much time you and your team can invest in your marketing.
  • HOW MUCH much management they will need from our team. All of our plans are customized and individualized to our clients’ needs and budget. We do not have packages for that very reason as each client (with their brand, industry and audience) is unique.
  • WHEN you can start or stop your management plans.  We have no set timed contracts when it comes to any of our marketing plans. Our plans are based on a month-to-month basis. So you can start, stop and resume at any time.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Startup Production will assist you developing your online footprint via these various strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing visibility of a website in a search engine results page organically.  Using several protocols, we can work to improve your site’s page ranking with consideration of the building blocks of SEO: age, authority and content.   We utilize only white hat strategies that follow the search engines’ rules and polices.  We focus on attracting our target audience and matching results with user intent, rather than trying to tricking the search engines.

There is strategy to design, an encompassing of your brand, a visual expression of who you are and who you want to be. Good web design is a combination of colors, layout, verbiage,  headings, fonts, backgrounds, images, graphics and styles that blend into a cohesive pattern or decoration that help tell your story. Good web design increases user session times, good design engages users and encourages return visit. Good web design presents your story in an easy to read and understand process, and good design builds confidence … to motivate leads and conversions.  Good web design brings a return on your investment (ROI).


Content Marketing

“72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement”.

Content marketing is a strategy of creating content that drives traffic to your website, increases engagement on your digital channels, or converts users into customers. Content creation is about focusing on content that your target audience wants to read because it’s solves their problems, answers their questions and entertains, motivates and inspires them. It’s writing content on topics that are relevant to your products/services, your expertise and your industry but is more informative sans the sales pitch.



“Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t.”

A Blog is an online journal or series of articles on your website that are dated and display in reverse chronological order.  Why blog? Through consistent blogging you can (1) Establish your brand and expertise, (2) increase your Search Engine Optimization efforts, and (3) engage new and returning users to your website via content marketing.  We offer blog setup & design, blog writing, and blog training for you and your staff.


Social Media Management

“50% of consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products through a brand’s social media.”

Have a presence on social media is about increase brand awareness and ultimately driving traffic to your website for conversions.  We can help our clients in the (1) setup, (2)  management and (3) analysis of their social media presence on various channels (Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest).  We also offer training and consulting for those who need a helping hand in starting or improving their usage of social media to promote their business.  We will build a social marketing plan that fits into their goals and objectives, whether we manage or provide marketing consulting.


Social Media Marketing (Ads)

While we primarily focus on Organic SEO because of it’s affordability and residual, long-term value, we do see various scenarios where SEM can benefit specific clients on particular goals.  SEM increases your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. For immediate results, we can help create and monitor PPC ad campaigns (with Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads and more) that fit your budget and reach your targeted audience. The downsides are (1) the higher costs (depending on your industry and competitive keywords); (2) once you stop paying, the ads end, and so do the benefits while organic SEO has residual benefits; and (3) most of us (75-83% do not click on the ads but choose the organic results on the search engine results page).

Search Engine Marketing

“89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.”

An effective Website is a comprehensive blend of design, content and functionality with a focus on UX. As technology, search engine algorithms and software advances, so must the way we development functionality, site layout and SEO optimizations.  It’s recommended to go through your website every three years to ensure you are meeting current standards and enabling new functionality for optimal site performance and search engine ranking. Thus we take a dynamic approach, as we consistently learn, explore and expand our web design techniques, development process and the products we use, so we can build a site that not only looks great, but is responsive, mobile-friendly, loads quickly, meets current standards (for privacy & searchability) and will rank well (in the SERPs).


Internet Marketing Proposals

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

Need all the above but not sure where to start?  We offer an 8-step process to analyze your digital presence, review competition of keywords, offer suggestions on how to improve each segment, develop a plan of action on how to implement, develop a personalized schedule on how to best use your time allotted for marketing, as well as training and ongoing support and consulting.  (Click button below to learn more about our IMAP reports.)

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email marketing

Email Marketing

“Email Marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI.”

We assist our clients to develop branding, design and setup of their email marketing software accounts. We can train or manage their email marketing content, campaigns, lists and schedule the emails according to their set frequency.

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