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Startup Production is located in Lexington KY, but serves clients all over the Commonwealth and beyond, with web design & internet marketing for businesses, of all shapes, sizes, industries and age.
  • 350+ clients served
  • 275+ websites completed
  • 230+ marketing projects
  • 85 logos designed
  • 30+ presentations
  • 1 SBA award
  • 21+ years in business

Owner & Lead Designer with a passion for Small Business & Startups

“Entrepreneurs are dream catchers, risk-takers, explorers, endurance runners, artists, community leaders and job creators. They don’t give up or give in, they follow the road less traveled and they are not afraid of a challenge. We have a passion for helping small business owners, because we are entrepreneurs too and we understand the journey. ” – Nicole Mueller

I started my business in 1997, when I was in college, freelancing a bit with friends and family who needed a website. By 1999, I had expanded that to a full fledged web and graphic design business, actually making a profit. In 2005, we relocated to Kentucky, from NY, and I had to restart my business in a new market with no local clients or references. I learned over the years, how to establish a presence in the community, how to reach my target audience and how to market my brand in Kentucky and beyond. I am driven to teach other small business owners how to not only promote their brand, but engage their target audience and drive conversions that bring a return on their investment.  And as any small business owner knows, time is money, so let’s make the most of your time.  I can train, consult or manage your digital footprint with a variety of options, packages and price levels.

Contact me to truly understand what makes Startup Production different from the rest of our competitors.  We listen, we are honest and we find solutions to save each client time and money in their internet marketing strategy.  I am a small business owner myself for over 20 years, so I understand what’s important to entrepreneurs, as well as the limitations on time, budget and resources, but I also know how vital an effective internet marketing strategy is for your business. My focus is on designing a website that you are proud to show your audience, that will grow ranking on search engines organically, how to attract relevant traffic, engage users with your story and motivate your visitors to your specific Call-to-Action. I will show you all of the above and more when we work together! And I’m here for on-going support, marketing consulting, as well as management and/or expansion of your website.  Let’s work together on something amazing.


Education: (SUNY Dutchess Community College 1997-1999)

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Web Administration
  • Photography
  • Computer Programming:  COBOL, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java
  • Computed Based Publishing: Adobe Suite


  • Prior to starting my business,  I had 15 years’ experience in Office Management, Human Resources, Accounting & Financials and Event Planning.
  • 20 years of web design
  • 15 years of marketing
  • 6 years of SEO, Social Media & Blogging
  • 5 years of public speaking


  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic & Logo Design
  • Content Creator & Blogger
  • Internet Marketing, SEO Expert and Social Media Manager
  • Small Business Owner
  • Community Advocate for small business owners, women owned businesses, economic development and local nonprofits
  • Experience Serving on several nonprofit boards
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My Inspiration & Motivation ... is you

The Golden Rule of Business states, “You must treat others in the same way that you would want to be treated in the same situation.”

Those words are embedded into our mission statement and company culture.

With a focus on small business owners, I have a passion to help others find the joy of promoting their business and discover their own hidden marketing potential. I enjoy seeing small business owners achieve what they didn’t think was possible beyond their dreams.

My inspiration initially, when I started my business, was to do what I love with a flexible schedule so I could start a family with a manageable work/life balance.  And nearly 20 years later, remarkably after all the bumps in the road, I still love what I do and still able to put family first. The best aspect of my job is meeting and building a partnership with my clients as we work together on their branding, their website (design, content, and functionality), teaching them how to manage and update their websites themselves, and giving them fundamental skills for an effective internet marketing strategy.

My clients are always thrilled at the independence and knowledge they acquire from working with my company, and so appreciative that I have built a product that will grow with their business and build their audience.  As changes come, my clients know I’m here for whatever they need:  additional functionality, content management, digital marketing plans and consulting.  Let’s grow your business together!

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