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Website development is much more than a collection of pages on the internet, it’s about telling your brand’s story to motivate action.

To make a memorable impression, you have to be consistent with your branding and the message it conveys. A well-designed website should reflect your company’s personality and appeal to your target audience through its design and its content. If your website is awkward, unprofessional or confusing, that’s the impression visitors will have of your business. Good design gives any website a stronger chance of success.

An effective Website is a comprehensive blend of design, content and functionality. With this ever-changing industry, we continually make adjustments in our design techniques, development process and the products we use, so we can build a site that not only looks great, but is responsive, mobile-friendly, meets current standards (for privacy & searchability) and will rank well (in the SERPs).

We offer the following benefits when it comes to your website design:

  • ORGANIZATION (Navigation)

Benefits of Web Design by Startup Production

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functionality.”
  • Responsive Design our websites provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). The fluid grid system automatically responds and conforms to the size of the screen the site is being viewed on for ease of the user.
  • Make an Impression:  If your website is awkward, unprofessional or confusing, that’s the impression visitors will have of your business.   Good design gives any website a stronger chance of success and enhances your company’s brand.
  • Visual Appeal:    Your layout, content and images should promote users to learn more, make that initial order or contact your company directly.  Your website’s design should be appealing without distracting from your products or services. Your design should provide that ‘wow-factor’ that enhances your company’s overall perception?   “Beauty awakens the soul to act.” – Dante Alighieri
  • Showcase your Brand:  The design, logo and theme of your website’s design should successfully flow into a cohesive, memorable brand.
  • User-Friendly:   Your website should be easy to navigate so users can find the specific information they are looking for.  Information should be accessible and easily found and shared, with a logical layout and navigation.
  • Engaging Content:   As they say, ‘content is king’, so your website’s content should be well-written, engaging, informative and formatted for users to easily scan, find what they’re looking for and be motivated to your call-to-action. Keyword rich content is essential to your marketing strategy.
  • Functionality that Works:  A website that is dynamic and provides useful functionality for the user and the business owner is an effective tool for any business. We can develop or customize plugins, apps and widgets to enhance the user experience on your site and manage your customer service.
  • Video & Photography:  Professional videos and photos are essential for your visual appeal and branding. We can recommend several local and affordable photographers and videographers. Email us for Recommendations
  • Good Communication:   We will keep you updated through the process of design and content creation, looking for input, revisions and approval. We are here for questions and assistance throughout the process and beyond. We are also here for on-going support, updates and revisions in the months and years after your project’s completion.
  • Content Management System (CMS):  We create websites that allow you and your staff to create and maintain your web pages with an easy to use interface. After the site’s completion, we provide training on how to update content, how to blog and how to improve your site’s page ranking.
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My Philosophy on Web Design

“I spend as much time on the content, layout and navigation of the site, as I do developing and coding the site. Ensuring a positive browsing experience for your users is essential for your website’s success.  Three factors that I consider when designing a website and organizing content is (1) Brand compatibility, (2) Engaging Content, and (3) a Focus on your Call-to-Action. It goes beyond web design & development, but the user’s experience while visiting your site, their impression of your brand, an accessible understanding of the purpose of the site and a clear call-to-action.”


My Philosophy on working with my Clients

“Good communication is key to great design.  I love working closely with my clients so I can weave their preferences and their existing brand into a professional web presence! I am passionate about providing an end product that my client is thrilled with and that provides a lasting and successful impression with their customers and prospects. My new clients often turn into long-term partnerships, even friends. They know I’m here for them when they need my services, as their business grows and evolves with the changing technology and protocols.”


My Philosophy on On-Going Support

“I am here for my clients long-term whether they need content updates, new functionality, or training on internet marketing. Changes in the website protocols are inevitable with the advent of new technology, new browsing devices, new browser requirements and new legislation. So I am here to help translate those changes and update or reconstruct your website to meet those ever-changing standards.  I work hard to keep my clients updated on those changes through email newsletters, my blog and social media.”

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