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Content Marketing Boom in 2016

Startup Production has been writing and posting original and engaging content for years now but that hard work is really beginning to pay off.  We have had great success in 2016 with managing several of our client’s internet marketing content and ads.  Myself and my team work hard to post original, engaging content marketing that is not the typical sales pitch but educates and entertains the target audience.  And the results are staggering.

  • internet-marketing-startupBlogging for one retail business has increased their website traffic by 30% in just a few months.
  • Another long time client that we’ve been managing their social media presence saw a 20% increase in their sales over a years’ time.
  • On an retail client, with consistent and engaging posts, we’ve increased reach of even organic posts (not boosted) from an average of 50 to over 600 per post.
  • On my own blog, I have over 400 subscribers, have received multiple leads and get lots of referral traffic to my website. I was also recently asked to do a radio show, as well as multiple offers to present at workshops or classes.
  • Each of my clients have all seen a significant increase in brand awareness which has led to better web traffic stats, more email and phone inquiries from leads, and a higher profit margin over several months to a years’ time.

Social Media, Blogging and other forms of Content Marketing are definitely not overnight successes, but take time, consistency and originality to make an impression. You cannot post once a week and think you’re going to get significant results, nor can you post regularly just for a month or two, but you have to work at it, experiment with content and timing. You have to spend money on ad campaigns and boosted posts/tweets. You need to be patient and consistent.  And in most cases, it’s recommended to either delegate a staff member to manage it or hire a professional, like Startup Production.
In the past few years that we’ve been offering Internet Marketing services, we have grown our customer base, our staff and our workload. We are excited about this evolution in our business, as we have become very selective in who we choose to take on as clients, and are able to spend more time with our clients, focusing more on quality on output, rather than just quantity of projects.
The ongoing relationship with our clients enables us to dig a little deeper in our understanding of their products and services, to tap into new audiences, experiment with topics that induce more engagement, and the best time of day/week for their specific audience.  Long story short, the longer we work with a client the more successful our efforts become.
If you would like to sit down with us and go over your specific needs, budget and marketing goals, we offer a FREE one hour initial consultation and FREE estimate.  Call us or email us to set up a time to meet or discuss over the phone.
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