How to Reduce the Stress of Running a Business

WARNING:  Running a Business induces Stress Small to large business owners are inundated with the constant multitasking of running their businesses on a daily basis.  Every small to medium size business owners, you will wear many hats:  accounting, manager, sales, marketing & advertising, legal, business planning, technology, and don’t forget receptionist & clerical.  Many SBO’s…


The Building Blocks of SEO (explained in simple terms)

Okay, your new professionally designed, beautiful and functional website designed by Startup Production is live!  Now what?  How do you drive traffic to your website so you can turn prospects into customers and website visits into sales?   SEO!  [Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing visibility of a website in a search engine results.]

Networking your Business in Person

With all the focus these days about enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO),social media marketing and enhancing your online presence, all of which are extremely instrumental in your business marketing plan, we tend to overlook the benefits of traditional face-to-face networking.   In certain communities, traditional in-person marketing can be even more beneficial since it establishes…